• Thank you

     for having brought us alive during this story.


    After Mrs Andreas revealed the truth to Chris and Cassie, everyone came back to the boutique.


    Cassie and Chris decided to continue on their ways, never breaking the link their friends had weaved between them.


    Hannah had never come back to the university. From the little stop of 153 Bercqueuil lane she kept changing lives.

    Perhaps you crossed her path sometime. Or the one of one of her colleagues.

    After all, we are thousands.

    And there are infinite fates.



    The adventure goes on, if you want.


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  • « The first question which may came into your mind is ‘How is all this possible?’, isn’t it ? » said Mrs Andreas without looking away while she was faced to the sky vastness.

    « However there is a really simple explanation. »


    We are neither made of flesh nor blood. Air doesn’t travel through our lungs, we do not have some. The ground we tread upon would be equally made of paint, our hair drawn with graphite, our souls based on somebody’s else.

    Maybe we are just illusion. But whatever we are, we can stay alive.

    To each word deciphered, to each turned page you made us moving into your mind.

    Characters, word, passing thoughts, whatever we are. You are the yarn between us.


    And imagination opens up to all possibilities.

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  • A butterfly passed under my nose. A beautiful and iridescent blue insect.

    We weren’t in town anymore. Never a courtyard would be able to contain such a large green field.

    Here it was spring, we had left winter on the other side of the street. A lukewarm breeze was blowing at the top of the hill.

    We were here, the four of us. Hannah, Cassie and I, and also the old and mysterious Mrs Andreas.

    Both of the Weavers were looking at the sky. Everything was peaceful, everything was calm.



    Thinking back to this moment, there wouldn’t have been a better place to live the end of the world.

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  • EN 66« We sometimes play dangerous games, explained Hannah. If you know too muchEN 66 about us some malfunction may happen.

    - Malfunction ? I said.

    - Like being able to read an unknown language ? kept going Cassie.

    - Like seeing a photograph bringing to life before your eyes ?

    - Riding a train from the previous century — only inside what is more ? »


    Mrs Andreas spared herself, yet she woke up and pointed a little door at the back of the room.

    « Please follow me in the garden, we have to explain you some more details. »

    Hannah was upset by this last sentence.

    « Madam… Are you sure ? »


    The old lady answered by an enigmatic smile.

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  • « Hannah… She refuses to consider our objectives as simple suggestible puppets, said Mrs Andreas the same way she would have explained undercurrent subtleties of an uncommon religion.

    - Oh, it doesn’t prevent us to be so. » Cassie interrupted yet without reproach in her tone.


    There was a moment of silence. Cassie woke up earlier than me.

    « You’ve talked about wishes. Hannah, what were you doing at the university ? Which wish did you want to fulfill ? »

    Our friend shared a look with her master. The latter raised an eyebrow to warn her.

    « My mission was making you meeting each other.

    - Who ?! Who ordered it ? exclaimed Cassie tit for tat without noticing my sudden embarrassment.

    - I can’t reveal it, I’m sorry. Every request we treat is confidential. » professed Hannah.


    Mrs Andreas seemed to be less tensed. Her trainee didn’t went too far.

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