• Inspiration sources


    When you create something, you're always influenced by many pieces of work. Sometimes because they are popular, because you like it or just because they stay sticked in your mind - and you naively think that dealing with it once and for all you'll feel free.

    When I wrote "Infinite Fates" I thought to all the master pieces bellow. I like them very much and I wanted to build something new with little elements I borrowed from these works.

    If you liked Infinite Fates you may be interested by these artworks.

    Following the titles I explained briefly in what they influenced me.


    Films :

    Inspiration sources

      Most of the characters of « Infinite Fates » are dreamers such as Amelie who like playing with others’ life. Amelie is the fist Weaver I met. If you saw the movie, you can imagine Hannah as a "professional Amelie".






    Inspiration sources



    Rosalie Blum

     Julien Rappeneau

    This movie depicts the poetry of everyday life and the meeting of people a bit lost. For me it proves that everybody can be sometimes a Weaver. 

    Inspiration sources



    Howl’s moving Castle 

    Hayao Miyazaki

    Magic boutique, jumps across time and space. Hayao Miyazaki aesthetic also shaped my drawing style and my imagination in general.










    Books :


    Inspiration sources

    Sophie's World

    by Jostein Gaarder

     Reflection about the power stories have to bring characters to life



     Inspiration sources

    Les yeux d’or

    by Marie Desplechin

    Here characters are dreamers, again. In this book, Edmée could be called a Weaver.











    Video games :

    Inspiration sources

    Life is Strange    

    General aesthetic of the website, choices for the player   







    Inspiration sources




    The Stanley Parable

    About the illusion of choices and influences