• EN 65

    « Hannah… She refuses to consider our objectives as simple suggestible puppets, said Mrs Andreas the same way she would have explained undercurrent subtleties of an uncommon religion.

    - Oh, it doesn’t prevent us to be so. » Cassie interrupted yet without reproach in her tone.


    There was a moment of silence. Cassie woke up earlier than me.

    « You’ve talked about wishes. Hannah, what were you doing at the university ? Which wish did you want to fulfill ? »

    Our friend shared a look with her master. The latter raised an eyebrow to warn her.

    « My mission was making you meeting each other.

    - Who ?! Who ordered it ? exclaimed Cassie tit for tat without noticing my sudden embarrassment.

    - I can’t reveal it, I’m sorry. Every request we treat is confidential. » professed Hannah.


    Mrs Andreas seemed to be less tensed. Her trainee didn’t went too far.

    EN 65