• EN 22

    « What does it mean ? asked Cassie who where reading over my shoulder.

    - Hannah is obsessed by choices. One time she stood in front of a vending machine for about fifteen minutes.


    ‘’ If I don’t know what I want right now, what would change inside me in several minutes and make me decide for something ?’’ That’s what she said.

    - People behind her would be fulminating against her…

    - Actually, the machine was broken, she just didn’t notice this detail.

    - This is true. She is… special. »


    Cassie leaned against the shelving.

    « This text about the Fates… Did you find other papers about this in the library ?

    - Nothing, I already searched for it.

    - This is the end of this track. We should look for something else. »


    I sighed and I replaced the book on its shelf, but Cassie held it back immediately and opened it at the last page.

    EN 22