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    Here, we are called the Weavers. Or modern Fates if you prefer.

    Our profession is changing people lives.


    There are thousands of times in a life, or even in a day, when we miss our hypothetic destinies. Nobody can manage it, there is no purpose to time and life. Things happens, that’s all.

    Our lives are leaded by chance : every second you spend on this planet was extremely unlikely to happen. This reality frightens, sometimes panics whom how realizes it. So, just for one time, our clients would like to escape from chance.


    Have you ever told yourself « I can’t imagine my life today if I hadn’t met this person five years ago, everything would be so different. Even me, I wouldn’t be my current self. »



    Now imagine every people you’ve miss for some seconds. All this people that would have change your life.

    EN 62

    EN 62