• EN 54

    It is really hard to find a place which is literally « in the middle of nowhere » inside a city. Nonetheless this expression fitted perfectly to Bercqueil lane. The numerous front windows with flaking paint indicated that this quarter had probably been bustling in the old days.

    « This district has been placed out of time» pointed out Cassie while we were striding along paved streets.

    And then we saw it. The aqua font window was worn by the years but fully compliant to the photograph.

    We both stopped a few meters from the entry door.

    « You first, intimated Cassie.

    - I can’t. This is just too much, I think I’m scared about what we could find here.

    - Hannah’s body ? A passage to a parallel world ? » she proposed.


    I looked at her to check whether she was serious or she was still ironic. Even her didn’t know.

    EN 54