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    « Do you believe Hannah had a special purpose when she abandoned us like this ? I questioned.

    - What do you mean ?

    - I don’t know… But, Hannah seemed always playing a role. I know that’s stupid, but if she believed she was able to change destiny ? If we were puppets into her hands ?

    - Just being alive we daily change the future of many persons each day, answered Cassie. And concerning the marionettes… Let’s say it’s true. Then would you exchange your current life for the previous one ? »

    A flash crossed over my mind. I saw me, spending all my evenings alone in my gray room.

    « No, I chose to say.

    - So, is it that useful to know whether everything was a game for her or not ? I guess if I find her back I’ll not force her to apologize. She changed our lives for the better. Now I’m expecting everything and I have no regrets. »

    Cassie had expressed herself in an equal tone, she was surprisingly calm. She had obviously just turned a corner from stupefaction to abjuration.


    However her detached attitude bothered me. Yes, this serenity was close to the behavior of a dying person.

    EN 52