• EN 36

    EN 36

    ‘153 Bercqueuil lane, January 18, 1906’

    I opened my laptop and lunched a quick research of this address, whilst explaining to Cassie what I knew.

    « Are you sure you know all the other places ? I know pretty well the city but everything changed so much…

    - I have inspected all of them, I answer distractedly, my eyes fixed on the bright screen.

    - I love to look at these old pictures… It proves that these people have really been alive, considered Cassie.

    - I’ve found it ! I exclaimed. I never went in this district, it is too far from the university and all the other places Hannah talked with me.

    - Can I have a look ? » said Cassie observing carefully the photograph.


    She froze and dropped the picture. The paper flew to the other edge of the desk.

    EN 36