• EN 33

    Cassie pulled on the white gloves kept for the consultation of precious document and gently got out the little batch holding the number « 74.3 ».

    « They are pictures of the city ! » marveled Cassie looking at the keys.


    I observed it as well. I knew these places. I went everywhere, looking for my friend. Of course, they had changed a lot. Roads replaced tramways and denims ousted women from this epoch pretty dresses.


    However I didn’t have any doubt.


    Every picture depicted an older version of the places where I had already been in my search for Hannah.

    I had been in this café to ask the barman whether he knew a young woman named Hannah Reeves.

    To children on this place I had described her clearly recognizable obsidian hair.

    I had been in this theater with the hope to see her coming up on the stage.


    I had looked for her among the statues of this museum.

    EN 33