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    Because I remained without flinching she pilled up the works and started to replace them on  shelfs.

    « What are you doing ? I lost my temper. I did't ever have time to list their topics.

    - I think that the Fates’ myth is the only one which matters. This story teaches us that our lives can be interrupted at any moment, then we have to take advantage of our time. Let’s do not waste anytime on useless readings. Hannah would not use the same trick twice. »


    I helped Cassie put the books away according to their class number, taking care to underline them a little bit. One of the books was so heavy that I had trouble putting it back and I saw the tag on its spine. « 213.87.2 »

    Six figures. A flash crossed over my mind.

    A bookcase was made of six shelves. I moved back.


    One book on the first shelf. Three on the second one. Nothing on the third. Seven on the fourth, four then three on the last ones.


    « 130.74.3 »

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